Student Testimonials

Dobson High School Student-‘out of the 4 student teachers I have, you are the only to treat me like a person (human) and I like that’

Stephanie-‘Great Job on making references to make people play with enthusiasm (Lumberjack)’

Corona del Sol Student– ‘I liked your patience and the way that you encouraged us to engage more in class’

Forrest-‘He got us through a lot of the song in so little time. He was pretty confident’

Corona del Sol Student-‘you are very comfortable to be around and you make things very clear’

Sateua-‘He was very nice and his lesson was strong and fun’

Corona del Sol Student-‘you were very helpful throughout the marching season and you did your best to both find and fix different problems throughout’

Oliet-‘Great control over the whole band’

Corona del Sol Student-‘I liked how you were energetic and happy…all the time!’

Antonio-‘For the life of me, I could only recommend that you stay in the teaching business’

Corona del Sol Student-‘(you) had a great attitude and truly believed in us’

Chandler High Student-‘I liked the idea of ‘making music”

Corona del Sol Student-always positive, and worked on the little details that were more difficult but made us better’

Samantha-‘(you) know what you want from the band and how to get it (while being nice)’

Chase-‘Your comments were very helpful’

Jarod-‘You looked very comfortable on the podium and I felt comfortable because of that.’

Corey-‘I liked how you knew the piece very well and helped us to know how to interpret it (the piece)’