Lesson Plans

These are different sample lesson plans that have been created and used by Mr. Andrew Glenn during his Student Teaching and Internships at Arizona State. Below are Hard-copies of lessons as well as the formats of those seen in the ‘sample lesson’ tabs download available upon request:

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Sample Lesson 1
Sample Lesson 2
Sample Lesson 3


Sample Lesson 1

Modern Game Scores

        • Batman
        • Pirates of the Caribbean
        • Inception
        • Lion King: Score
  • Halo 3
    • The conclusion of the Halo Trilogy
    • Considered a ‘cinematic masterpiece’ by critics
    • What does this piece sound like?
    • How does this piece make you feel?
  • Do all of these pieces belong in video games only or could the be applied to movies?
    • Why?
    • Why not?
  • What do you think these 3 composers thought when writing these pieces?
  • What choices do you think all 3 made?


 Sample Lesson 2

Andrew Glenn, 4/16/13, materials needed (music, baton)

Key of Bb Major
Legato Style
Chorale Harmonies

Behavioral Objective/Assessment:

TSW play from the Beginning of Childhood Hymn to 22 focusing on a centered sound in Concert B Flat. Strand 3,
Concept 1, PO 110

TSW play from mea 1 to 22, balancing melody and countermelody. Strand 3, Concept 1, PO 209

Personal Objective:
My goal is to try and speak as little as possible throughout the lesson.

1. B-Flat major scale in 2/4 with the pattern E Q E||
2. B-Flat major scale using the pattern legato
a. Ask what is legato
3. Have the students play the piece
4. Have students look at the beginning and play till mea 22
5. Ask who had the melody
6. Have them play 13-37 listening for the melody
7. Listen for that once we get there
a. Start at Mea 9-22
b. Was flute the feature?
8. Play from beginning
a. Chorale setting

Now when we move to our next piece I want you to try and focus on what your role in the piece is, am I melody, bass, or texture?


Sample Lesson 3

  • Andrew Glenn                  12/06/2012                  Needed: Music, and student’s instruments
  • Objectives and assessment:
    • Objective(s):
      • TSW understand how to play a ‘working’ marcatto style
      • TSW observe and use phrasing
    • Assessment:
      • The sound will be big and deep in timbre
      • It will sound in 4 bar phrases as marked
  • Personal objective:
    • To try and get things across quickly with as little words as possible as quickly as possible
    • Be more focused on the students rather than having things go 100% correct
  • Introduction: Today we are going to venture north and play songs with phrases.
  • Procedure:
    • Call and Response clapping
      • Q EE Q Q l Q Q H –Mea. 23-24
      • Q Q Q Q l H  Q R –Mea. 41-42
      • Students will play
        • Q EE Q Q l Q Q H –Mea. 23-24
        • Q Q Q Q l H  Q R –Mea. 41-42
          • Same checks as above
          • Add: make sure that pitches are correct
            • Bonus: in tune pitches
      • Play the same sections but play them more in their 3 bar phrases
      • Play the last 3 bars
        • Make sure that the last note is not changed in any way
      • Play through entire 2nd folk song
        • Don’t stop
        • Review and set goals for next rehearsal
  • Closure:  ‘What was something we learned today? How can that be applied elsewhere?’
  • Optional:
      • Check balance and Tempos