Chant Ritual Lessons

During Mr. Glenn’s Student Teaching he worked with the Dobson Concert Winds on the piece Chant Rituals by Mr. Elliot Del Borgo. Here are the lessons that were used to rehearse the piece as well as some accompanying video of the lessons taught.

Lesson 1, 

This lesson was the first read of the piece Chant Rituals by Mr. Elliot Del Borgo in front of the ensemble

Lesson 2,

Coming off the previous lesson it was key to start with a larger picture and give students more playing chances to learn the piece.

Lesson 3,

A lesson designed to go from a big picture view into smaller pieces that are then applied in back in a more complete portion.

Lesson 4,

This is a continuation of Lesson 3.

Lesson 5,

This is a lesson that checks progress at halfway part of the quarter. Where is the piece, how are students doing during a full run of the piece.

Lesson 6,

Lessons 6-10 are finalizing things as the concert approaches and looking at smaller pieces that can still be fix or altered.

Lesson 7Video 7

Lesson 8, Video 8

Lesson 9

Lesson 10


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