Team vs. Groups

I have a strange interest in how teams interact at events in a high school age group is an interesting cultural experience. For this exampling I will be using a football game so the players will be  Football, Marching Band, Cheer, Students, and Spectators (fans). In recent experience I was able to see a Team work and achieve victory over groups working towards the same goal. Through personal reflection of both my high schools (HS) and my wife’s experience in HS band with football. It has given me view that reinforces my drive to create school spirit and pride…not just the overall want or need to win.

At a recent game that my school lost, we were fortunate enough to see what I view as true school spirit and involvement. The band, fans, team, and cheer all had the same goal in mind, that was victory. They worked together as a Team, there was no one item ignored, no group was not participating, every group was feeding off of the other. While to the traditionalist would see it as the work of the team supported by those other groups a few of us on campus were able to see that this was the work of a TEAM not groups.

Us on the other hand are struggling to see this mentality grow and work together. There is a huge push to get school spirit up across the student population. However, if the staff has little pride; are we able to get the students to follow along? Let’s look at marching band real quick, last year we as a marching staff worked hard to create a culture that arrived on time, carried with pride, worked to give their best. This year, some of those targets were missed in the learning, some are hitting their target, others are needing to be re-taught. If I want students to be more involved with spirit and the game…we need staff there to be just as engaged. I cannot ask my students to do something I myself would not do, act, or say.

Is this not good practice? Should we not practice what we preach? I believe this is so, if we ourselves cannot model good examples, how it is done, or how to perform then we have no real business teaching it. I know that I am not good at teaching choir, I look up information on a weekly basis to improve my teaching. With this in mind however; I do not teach something new, or ask them to perform a piece that I cannot myself sing or show as an example. If we want to have the campus work as a team to have a winning, or even competitive effect; then I believe we need to look inward at the staff and get our spirit up.


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