What the future brings

I am a strange person. I want to look forward to the future and get to April so I can start marching band. The progress that the program has made in these 4 short months is amazing and has humbled me. The fierce drive, nay desire to be a true ‘High School Band’ program and music program has made me think about where I want to go and where we should go as a group with the Pride of Estrella Foothills Music Program. I am very aware though that this started before I had even graduated High school.

Music was something that I just understood, the math in time signatures and subdivision, how the history of pieces effects the way that they are interpreted and such. Math as it is within the ‘standard’ is complicated to me out of its ‘natural’ context. My final season was an event I remember as something that was an moment.

That is not something I am in search of again, but rather a gift I aim to have my students receive  experience that mystical feeling that many seek for all of their life. I find it a shame that some students were not afforded this. I am not trying to make up for this, I know that trust and respect for what I do was sadly lost for my position. The progress that has been made is very rewarding.

I look at what they are asking for and have shot for the stars. Some students have asked for a proverbial moon and looking at what we can do, I aimed for Mars. The excitement that so many of them have that they get to be a ‘real’ band and have a ‘real’ show at halftime is refreshing. There is little that they take for granted and I like it. Everything is new to them and as somebody who is trying to bring a new view to not only the program but also the community at large in the area.

There is nothing that their dreams cannot reach, I am sure that I will not stand in their way.


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