What Can I Help to Create?

The more jobs that I go to interview for the more excited I get with the growing prospect to ‘create’ my own music program. Note I said music and not band. I am now a changed educator compared with where I started 4 years ago when I started down the Music Education Degree Pathway at Arizona State University. Before I start down the rabbit hole that I am rapidly climbing down, I present you with a few videos and the question, what if students could create this?:

What if all of that was coming from classrooms, applying what they know of music in a new and engaging way for the 21st century student?

Going back now to the music v. band program concept. I have come the conclusion that I want students to engage with music by any means possible, I personally have begun to view myself as a music teacher rather than pigeon-holed as a band teacher. With many of the open positions out there looking for something new and captivating to students I have begun to realize that we do need to look at how we present music to students. Do we want students to interact with music, or are we wanting them to play an instrument and be in the band? Depending on some students up bringing one of those pathways sounds more interesting to them than the other. But if we force the choice of you must go into this or you must go into that, are we really opening up students eyes to what they could do or are we hindering their passions and future.

I personally do not want kids to feel that they are unable to get an education in music solely because they do not play an instrument or do not have the want to play a traditional band instrument. I feel that students should not be held to what I was ‘taught’ is the correct way to interact with music. If I did then would I be helping learning, or hindering students further?


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