Monkey See Monkey Do?

As a student teacher I am receiving tips and tricks from those current in-service teachers around me on just about every little issue, practice, or program that I could ever dream to be involved with. There are somethings that I believe that my current mentor is well versed in; there are a few things that there are a few things that we are equals at or even just do to my experiences know slightly more about. This may sound like a poor situation to be in, but on the positive side it is helping me to be a better peer-educator than before.

My mentor’s classroom management is something that I am very torn on. While students are behaved for her, place me or another educator in front of them and it is a very mixed bag. Sometimes they are very well behaved, sometimes they are behaving better for me. Then there are some days where I get a different class as is different students came in and took the previous students place. This is something that I am not sure what creates this. We tend to react and treat the students the same, and the usual idea that it is because I am the Student Teacher and they are the mentor is often not always the case as stated previously. I believe that it may just come down to what students believe that they are more invested in at that time. The real question that I am really looking at trying to get to is how do I try to get the students to then treat everyone no matter who they are the same when they are in-front of them. I do not believe that this is due to the classroom culture/environment. This is very welcoming and is lively and open. There is no such thing as a poor question only poor choices, and students are encouraged to participate in their own learning. It is something that has never been directly communicated to me, but I am aware that it is something that students pick up on if you are welcoming or even if you are engaged to the environment that you as a teacher create. There are not much else that students can instantly read about a teacher at first glance of the area that they will be spending their next learning experience in.

Subject knowledge of my mentor is a place where I have taught my mentor a few tips and tricks. Since they are a flute player there is much that they do not know about brass playing even after 20 years of being out in the teaching field. Even with some of their past student teachers whom were all brass players, I was surprised that I was the one who taught her new things. In other areas however she is much more knowledgeable about other topics. One is such as interaction with teachers in regards to field trips. Something that many people forget is while your class is often something that we tend to focus on, we need to remember that as a ‘non-standard class’ we need to often be more aware of that we are not always able to just pull out students for our activities whenever we would like. This ties into professionalism. By being aware of what our interactions with other teachers and administrators is something that many people may fail to pay attention to. In conjunction with that being able to continue my personal education and trying to make sure that I am in my tip top abilities for my future students.

In other news I have my first interview with a principal coming up this next week and I am hoping that it can lead to a brave new world. WE shall see.


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