Search for Employment

At the time of writing this I have applied within 6 different districts within this fine state of Arizona.  I know 4 have open positions, 2 ‘have’ positions (according to rumors). Its the waiting game that makes me antsy. Knowing that I have a week before some applications close…and then I have to wait for the hopeful call that I was selected. This portion is the most nerve wracking part to me as I just want to move forward and know where I will be working and what I can plan for…but I digress.

One item that has brought interesting is how some people are worried about a job I applied for. Since there are 2 directors at the place and yet it seems that there are some hostile feelings between the two. And when asked what I would look to change I simply said use the others strengths. This has created a very confused response from my peers. Half have asked me why as the person in charge I would not have the other director do what I want. Why would I? They have strengths that I do not, I would utilize these as often as possible as we are different people and can present things differently and in the end it can only help the kids become better. I don’t think that I should hold somebody else back for my own ego because they may know something else or can verbalize something differently than me. At the end of the day, it is not about my pride and ego but rather the betterment of the students.


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