Switching things up

More than halfway through. I have finished my time at Dobson High School and it was a bitter sweet ending. First it was  nice to get to know the students to where they were more than just kids who showed up, ironically they became people. It was also very nice to have a ‘job’ that I went to everyday and greatly enjoyed. I was very happy, I learned more than I thought I could and gained 3 new peers that are highly willing and able to come give me support when I need it in my soon upcoming career. This did lead to me moving to my new placement at Aprende Middle School which compared to some peoples opinion is very different than teaching High School kids.

While High School students are fighting your control and guidelines, Middle School students seem to have forgotten what common place manners are. Within my first hour I had one 8th grader come up to me and ask ‘what instrument can you teach?’, no ‘Hi how are you?’ or anything of the sort. It was very interesting to remember that all of these kids still need mom and dad to take them places and they cannot come and go as they please at times. It was also a shocker to remember that since I am for all intensive purposes in 16th grade, also an old man (thank you 6th graders).

It is a very interesting thing the middle school band in a 75 minute period. You have to give them breaks, you have to keep them engaged, and most of all you have to get a head of them talking and talking and talking. Man, do middle schoolers talk. Even with me sitting right next to them they still want to chat away with me. It begs the question how prepared are we as teachers to deal with a more social society even within the classroom? I know that there might have to be a shift away from traditional styles of you sit in the desk for a hour teaching and get more into smaller sections and more social concepts within the content.

My time with the middle school however will be fun filled, I have a field trip to the symphony to attend, a Festival to attend and conduct on, and a final concert still to go, and that’s all within the month of April. I will be quite the busy little person. However it will be well worth the work and I hope soon that I will have my own program to shape and enjoy.


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