Frozen-Let It Go: Musicals on the Rise?

Over the past Month this small movie has taken hold of the world, Disney’s Frozen and one song from this film has gripped the world; and YouTube. Let it Go has become something of interest there are hundreds of covers and it interests me as something we could do with students:



Male-Cover #1:

Male-Cover #2 (vocals in Altered Key)

Frozen Mash-up:


Lastly, Little Girls:

All of these people were touched and moved by this song. What if students were to do this in class? Would it be as adventurous as some of these groups, or would it be phoned in for a grade? Awhile back I thought things like this were silly, but I am beginning to truly to see that having students engage with music they enjoy it can create fun a great works of art. All of this was from one song, what if they had a theme, or even a genre to choose from? Fun things are in the future of Music Education and I am excited to be on the forefront.

Updated 2/13/14

Since posting this I keep find interesting renditions of this piece such as follows. This proves that no matter what the ‘genre’ or ‘style’ of piece is this is end to what it could become.

Africanized Tribal Cover:



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