1 week down

I completed my first week of student teaching and it has been something that is the start of a wonderful adventure. A few things that I learned is:

-Pep Assemblies waste education time more than I thought as a student

-Theory Students are Sassy, and think you are sassy too

-Nobody likes to sing their part

-Marches sound cool as a chorale

There were a few things that I wanted to think about further. One of them is the theory that we (me) are the teachers and we should teach the students what we deem is necessary for their education whether or not they want to learn it. The only problem that I have with this is that students many not want to learn as much, or stay engaged if they feel I am not teaching to them but rather just teaching what I want. I see the logic here, it gives to much ‘control’ to the students but I personally feel that if I ask students what they want to learn and apply it to what I want them to know I feel it could be a win win. This is where I feel that there is a generational gap between me and 2 of the 3 teachers at my Teaching location. They graduated back in the late 80’s early 90’s and now music education is facing something that is forcing it to change. However after talking with my mentor, I am beginning to see that there is a change in the way that I believe music should be taught and how students should interact with their teacher.

The other is that when you teach by yourself compared to with a team, the choices you make are not always the final one. Between the 3 different teachers they would give instruction to the students 3 different ways often causing confusion. The way they fix this is by holding sectionals twice a week. Something that is great for any group. By Friday the pieces sounded much better. This is something that as a lone teacher you could never fully achieve as their is one of you not 2-3. But they problem I am beginning to see is while it makes the ensemble better, they can go from one teacher to the next for the second/third sectional of the week and get all new information because there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

These are both things that I will have to keep in mind as I go forward this year and in the future. As for now, I look forward for what is to come.